More parameters for PathfindingService:CreatePath()

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to tune PathfindingService:CreatePath() to create the kinds of paths that I want my NPCs to take. In the current API, I can only specify the agent’s size and whether or not the agent jumps AND falls. Being able to give more details (i.e. jump height, max fall distance & agent speed) would allow me to create the realistic AI behavior that I want for my game.

In my project, enemy AI have varying speeds, jump heights, and take fall damage. Unfortunately, with the current Pathfinding parameters, if they have AgentCanJump set to ‘true’ they’ll jump off of the top of a skyscraper and be obliterated on impact with the ground. If AgentCanJump is set to ‘false’, they fail to jump down small ledges in a lot of cases where they wouldn’t take damage (which often results in a failure to find a path at all). More options would significantly streamline my experience with developing this aspect of my game! :smiley:


And also the case of no jumping and falling at all, to support swimming/flying NPCs.

Use case:

We had to run our own pathfinding algorithm and bake our own pathfinding grid (running a script for hours that raycasts all parts of the map in Studio to generate a huge nav mesh). It would be awesome if the interface to PathfindingService can be more generic so that this can also be supported without developers having to spend days writing their own pathfinding.