More questions about the player

Hey everyone! I got a few questions that might be answered by you.
Q1 - Is there any way to freeze the player “softly” in their position?
Yes, I have tried anchoring the HRP in position, it worked, however here’s the problem I found:
If the player is jumping, they get frozen however they don’t stay in the same position, they weirdly don’t stand in place, and the same time they do.

Q2 - Is there any way to play animations that only the client can see? In our case, playing the animation in a client script will appear for everyone on the server.

That’s all! Good day ladies and gentlemen.

If you just want them to stay in the same position, either freeze their torso or feet.

I did try the torso, upper torso and lower torso. My point is to freeze them and also be able to play animations.

If thats the case just set their walkspeed to 0

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And for your second question, you can look at this post How do I make an animation JUST play on the client?

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