More Roblox servers around the world

I’m a ROBLOX Developer from Brazil, been in the community for almost 10 years and i currently work for ROLVe, and it is really hard to develop games for this region (South America) since ROBLOX has no servers located in South America.

Currently i have many HUGE roblox servers exclusively for people from South America (mostly Brazilians) and it’s almost impossible to play and enjoy the time on most ROBLOX games. (still not a reason to us stop playing this game)

Most of us from South America get over 150ms on NA servers since they’re the closest, but then, most of the fun is thrown away because of bad experiences with high ping, especially in FPS or Combat themed games.

In 2017, a known Brazilian member from DevForum ~ @Deftlock ~ posted something related to SA servers back then and also showed that Brazil was the 3rd country that most accessed ROBLOX in that year (it’s probably 4x more now).

We really need South American servers, we are a really BIG community!

Do you guys plan to do that? When? Is it happening already?