More Template Places inside Studio

Howdy! :cowboy_hat_face:

We all know the template games when you open up the New tab and seeing or selecting one of these games to create and customize on your own, but what if they were more places or genres to choose from than the standards one we have currently; would be cool right?

Anyway, having more varieties and genre templates in that particular section would help out developers learn and discover a new genre or maybe re-create a game with one of these templates that could help them learn to code or building a bit better and earn some R$ with that!

Some places or genres I had in mind were:

  • Tycoons Template.
  • Aliens Vs. Players Template.
  • Theater Template.
  • Lua center; Here you can learn how to code through a particular tutorial if possible.
  • Base Wars; Similar to the original Base War game if possible.
  • Build & Battle.
  • Paintball!

^ There could be more templates but those are something I would prefer, and also another topic that generalizes some themes and gameplay. Yet that was 5 years ago, most of those ideas seem nice.

^^ I would have replied to that but making a new topic would be nice with some cool ideas and explanations.

If Roblox could make some more templates, it would become more beneficial and helpful to many new developers because they can choose a variety of templates to choose and customize in and could give developers or new developers a try to use this; hence why templates are a thing.