More two factor prompts?

Having a pin on my account is awesome, it shields from many things, but a 4-digit number is easy to guess — if I’m correct it’s a 1 in 10,000 chance.

I think all prompts that require a pin, should instead require two-factor, or require both. Requiring both would be annoying, so maybe have two factor as a replacement for pins entirely, though that’s mostly a suggestion.

On the topic though I would like to see more two factor prompts around the site i.e. when changing my password.

Edit: To add to this topic, if somehow a pin was enabled on your account, whilst having two-factor enabled (this would be if, you enabled two-factor, but didn’t enable a pin) then you could be locked from your account.

Now that two-factor is an option, you can verify someone’s ownership of the account (sort of), so having an option to disable pin with just two-factor? Or making it required to enter a two-factor code to enable pins if two-factor was enabled beforehand.


Hi CleverSource,
Thanks for reaching out with this question. It’s important to note that PIN is fundamentally a parental control feature and not a security feature in the same way that two factor authentication is. Over time, we aim to have sensitive operations require two factor authentication as a superior alternative to PIN (outside of the parental control use case). Regardless, using two factor authentication to enable or disable PIN is an interesting idea that we’ll consider.


Glad to hear this! I look forward to seeing two factor authentication used in other areas of the site other than just login. :+1:


I like the idea of having to use 2FA to disable pin, but in case you do not have 2FA avaiable, phone number should be used.

Resetting the account back to original state with e-mail is not a good option if original account does not get connected to phone number, some accounts were made before phone number option was even a thing. (Phone should not be reset on original account resturation login).
In this case i refer to an total security callback on accounts contacting roblox via e-mail.

No. SMS 2fa is very unsafe. It’s your own responsibility to backup the 2fa codes if you enable 2fa.

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