Introducing Talent Hub Open Beta - New Platform to Find & Post Work!

Isn’t that supposed to be a security feature? I am not sure that restricting users who use this is a very good idea.


I have an Account PIN set, and I can not view non-verified creators (including myself).

I filed a feature request, but retracted it as it seems like it’s on their radar given this from the original post:


Oh thanks then i’ll have to disable it when i get accepted to the talent hub.


So we really need to sacrifice account safety to be able to view non-verified creators? Well this kinda sucks…


I’m so excited for this! This can change everything! However, I’m mostly worried about how people can scam others and how they will be punished, this includes the worker could be scammers or the commissioners could’ve been scammers. I hope that in the future, they can help fix that concern.


For those who are complaining about having to disable PIN, a Roblox staff member said that it was indeed intended to be used as a parental control feature. However, it became used as a security feature by the community. 2FA Authenticator support is meant to release near the talent hub release, which will supersede PIN and hopefully relegate it back into a parental control feature.

If you’re in the 2FA beta, here is the link:


I don’t have plans to do so, in the hopes that they’ll have something down the pipeline soon™. Doesn’t really affect me as a job applicant, though I imagine it’s not something that someone recruiting would feel the same about.

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Question, is there a difference between error code 403 “Forbidden” and error code 401 “Unauthorized”? I’m currently getting error code 403, Forbidden.


I am so excited to see a new place that will have proper a invitation system and will be more improved than the #collaboration:recruitment category. Good work Roblox!


Having access to the talent hub here are a couple things I like about it:

  • It’s very easy to find your way around
  • Easy to add information
  • Fast & easy for finding jobs.

One thing I found is it currently won’t let me search for jobs.

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The talent hub is amazing! I love the simplicity of it, thanks for releasing this!

Question, what is the process to be verified? I saw it next to some names such as my own, and I’m a bit confused as to what the qualification is.


I’ve been hoping for a better solution, and the great team at Roblox has brought it fourth. I’m a bit put-off by the account pin restrictions as I occasionally turn them on during platform attacks. They’re a great 2FA 3FA solution.
I am hoping to see tight integration with the DevForum (say, teams can assign posts as part of said team and permissions/features react accordingly) and the ability to embed content, which would make contact and showcasing much easier.
Speaking of showcasing, would a portfolio page be of use to anyone; A ‘business card’ feature to link to said portfolio page?


See this attachment to the post.

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:flushed: I certainly didn’t know about a verification tab since I jumped right into the Talent Hub. I just stumbled across it when I experienced some occasional “no authorisation” pages. Cool to have the verification on the fly, thanks Roblox!


I’m really fond of the UI design of the Talent Hub so far. I haven’t had the full chance to tinker with it yet but I went and published my creator page as well (still WIP). Although I never do put myself for hire and don’t commonly post job offers, I think this is also a great way to just show yourself off or record your experience if you ever need it. I am pleasantly impressed by what the Talent Hub offers so far.

Sometimes my page doesn’t load though… :sweat_smile:

Don’t have to edit my DevForum portfolio thread 100 times now? O_O


This search engine doesn’t work particularly well.


Sounds great, I can’t access it since I’m not in the select few but I have one issue.

A parental pin is basically an account PIN as far as I’m aware and I’m using an account PIN to secure my account from hackers (like many other DevForum members). If I’m understanding this correctly, then it means that people like me won’t be able to view or search for jobs.

I guess I better say goodbye to my portfolio on September 1st


Talent hub sounds great! Just one problem (adding to what @GamersInternational said):

Most people use this as a security feature so that they can still recover their accounts if hacked. If not many users are verified, then small jobs will be impossible to find. Users like myself who aren’t exactly top developers will only be able to find jobs if we disable our account security pins… I don’t know about other people, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that.


That means it will be kept in some read-only state? It will be nuked later on, not on that date. Of course they’ll want to give you time to move over your portfolios.


Extremely nice addition for the community. As most people here said, the three main issues are:

  • Most people use the parental PIN as another security layer, why am I being restricted on the use of the full Talent Hub if I have it enabled?
  • Who have access to it right now, and why am I not in that group?

    • Answer: I’ve noticed that people whi have access to it are just Regulars+, so probably that’s why you don’t have access. You just need to wait until August 15th to access.
  • What is the proccess for Verified?

    • Answer: I could not find an answer yet

Since the post is really vague on this, what exactly are the requirements for gaining access?