Morning Mocha® Recipe Guide

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2022

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All recipes are indicated by this box.


Regular: Regular Machine

Decaf: Decaf Machine

Espresso: Espresso Machine

Vanilla Latte: Espresso + Vanilla Flavour + Milk + Cream

Chocolate Latte: Regular + Mocha Flavour + Milk + Cream

Caramel Latte: Regular + Caramel Flavour + Milk + Cream

Cappuccino: Regular + Decaf

Americano: Espresso + Decaf

Iced Coffee

Iced Regular: Ice + Regular Machine

Iced Decaf: Ice + Decaf Machine

Iced Espresso: Ice + Espresso Machine

Iced Vanilla Latte: Ice + Espresso + Vanilla Flavour + Milk + Cream

Iced Chocolate Latte: Iced + Espresso + Chocolate Flavour + Milk + Cream

Iced Caramel Latte: Ice + Regular + Caramel Flavour + Milk + Cream

Iced Cappuccino: Ice + Regular + Decaf

Iced Americano: Ice + Espresso + Decaf


Tea: Hot Water + Tea + Milk

Black Tea: Hot Water + Tea

Green Tea: Hot Water + Green Tea


Cola: Cola Machine

Diet Cola: Diet Cola Machine

Sprite: Sprite Machine

Fanta Original: Fanta Original Machine

Iced Soda

Iced Cola: Ice + Cola Machine

Iced Diet Cola: Ice + Diet Cola Machine

Iced Sprite: Ice + Sprite Machine

Iced Fanta Original: Ice + Fanta Original Machine


Can be made by holding ‘E’ or tapping the Proximity Prompt


Water: Water Machine

Iced Water: Ice + Water Machine

Milk: Milk

Hot Chocolate: Hot Water + Chocolate Flavour + Milk + Milk Mixer

Special Event Items

Valentine Cakepop