Morning Park Showcase

Hello, You may of seen my other showcase post. (Windy Mountain Realm) I’m out with another simple showcase. This one is a little more empty although. I was just mostly messing around with the shadows & lighting. It’s pretty empty,I’d like some Feedback - Criticism Is Fine.

Game: Morning Park [Showcase] - Roblox

Edit: Don’t need anymore Feedback - Thank You.


Looks amazing keep up the good work :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:

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In my opinion, the background behind the trees is pretty bare. Maybe add a fence, or if it’s a city park, add some buildings and tinker around force perspective. Also, the scenery could look a little better. Maybe add some bushes and add variations to the trees. Thicker trees and taller trees. Overall, it looks great! Keep it up! :+1:


This is a good start, but there’s room for a lot of improvement. For one, add variation to the vegetation, so randomize the sizes of each tree instead of just using a fixed size for every tree. In addition to that, I would add variation to the terrain, it looks super flat and that can be changed easily and will make the environment look more natural. If you’re messing with lighting, I would suggest adding depth of field and potentially atmosphere, it can make something super basic look really realistic.

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I personally have some great tips for you and personally think this is very low detailed; let’s talk abt that topic for now: You used to same models over and over again, I think you should try and add some bushes, other trees, bigger ones, smaller ones, maybe add also some hills, and more mountians, a waterfall don’t come out of nothing, it’s not like there’s a water spawner in real life, if so show me lol. But overall it’s a start, but I suggest to use my tips: change the trees for a nice feeling, add some cool graphics, add more mountians, add some rocks and overall just more detail.

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The place looks good from the way you took the screenshot it looks like the trees aren’t connected into the ground, maybe some form of roots could add a bit of design to it.

However, there could be more plants around the area definitely remove some of the trees they look a little bit repetitive maybe 3 or 2 variety of them could work. I think my suggestion would be to build more objects around the area a little bit at the park where you enter.

You could add a lot of variation just by building and creating different types of models there, then it wouldn’t just be a plain area inside your showcase, however what needs to be added is maybe a fountain, with bushes surrounding it you could consider adding equipment somewhere around the area to add more detail. It looks good at the start

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As a terrain artist/builder, the game has a good layout. The trees however, look too spaced out, and repetitive. There isn’t variation, and there isn’t enough ground brush. The best way you can fix these issues are giving the trees some size differences, and using other materials and such to build up an atmosphere that looks complete.

edit: I’m also personally having a ton of lag in your game, and i’m on a decently high end laptop.

(how high-end may you ask? I can bake textures on times square in ~20 minutes.)

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Maybe add a shed/cottage as the map looks empty

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I like this, but this is going to need a lot more work. I like the music you’ve added to make it feel like you’re outside and are in some sort of park. There should be a lot more things rather than just resting areas, maybe try these

  • A playground
  • Restrooms

I would also like that you would add more things rather than just trees, since they look overused in a way. Maybe try adding these below

  • Rocks
  • Flowers
  • Mushrooms, etc
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