Morphine Syringe

Is morphine or a syringe type healing item allowed on Roblox? Morphine, the word, is censored by Roblox’s filter. What about syringes? If things like pills is banable, then what about syringes or morphine or painkillers, which are all other medical supplies.


Drugs and references to drugs are not allowed. Just make a med kit or something.


Yes. Yes, yes, yes, it’s not allowed. If you’re curious if something is allowed but it’s filtered by the 13+ filter, I can guarantee you it is not allowed. It’s a direct drug reference.


I’ve seen medpens and stuff like in Dust: Wasteland Survival and such, I think it’s allowed but I dont think you should call it morphine

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Going by other things you see in the platform just because it hasn’t been moderated is not a good idea. Roblox won’t be the ones at fault if they notice your game first and crack down on it.


Pills, syringes, or other content representing drug paraphernalia or drug use are not permitted.

Welp, Looks like im telling the devs on their dc rn.,

I believe morphine is a drug / drug reference. However if it’s used in a hospital type game it might be ok…? Maybe…

It’s still a drug, many/some medecines are actually drugs but used to heal people. In too major quantity this can be dangerous, don’t forget that this are really things that could harm children, so this are against the rules. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Any type of needles/syringes are not allowed on Roblox. I used to play this game called Ro-Bio where the gameplay relied heavily on syringes, but it kept getting taken down by moderation because of the needles.

You can still make painkillers, just in a different form. For example, Apocalypse Rising has painkillers in a box that you can pick up and just consume like that.

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Unless you don’t want to could you provide a picture of these painkillers in a box so we understand what you are talking about. No worries if it is too much of a hassle.

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RoBio is a good example: I am sure that it isn‘t because of the needles, but more because of the whole game. You make experiments on persons and make them suffer and die, I think this is something other. Needle, if you use them good (take the blood for examens [depends on the game and if Roblox accept it or not] and etc.) then they aren‘t the problem

Yeah, Ro-Bio getting taken down definitely had been affected by the syringes, but indeed the major issue was the game concept, they had also previously been taken down for the test NPCs resembling jews during WWII, and that you could suspend them using a rope attached to their head.

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They arent very consistant on the rules they enforce, some very popular games have syringes even tho its in the rules that they arent allowed so I assume its the context

No cause drugs but if you call it a stim pack or something and the liquid in the vial is green then it is probably fine