Where to draw the line, Ro-Bio


Where to draw the line?

Hello everyone, so recently I’ve noticed a plethora of Ro-Bio games ganging popularity. I’m here today trying to find what may be considered too much for Roblox. First off, please read my whole post as I’ve gotten most of the basics down and just using this more to clarify and see if I missed anything; mainly due to new Ro-Bio games avoid moderation months or even a year.

I’m concerned about my possible genre because in the past Ro-Bio has been deleted. I’ve found a general idea on why the original was banned.

The first of the speculations was human test and graphic scenes. As our game will possibly have human testing in the form of bots. Now this is appears to not only be limited to humans; where robot versions are also allegedly being deleted. I have not found any examples of robot versions being banned but rather just a currently active game; which has been up since 9/24/2018.

The next general idea are the needles and vaccines. People seem to say needles and vaccines seem to be the issue. However, I’ve seen needles in game thumbnails, possible ROBLOX gear and more. I know going by what Roblox has for items isn’t the best judging by the CSA Cap; however, the gear is so similar to the Ro-Bio one it’s pretty weird to think about.

Overall, I’d like some thoughts on Ro-Bio again I’m only asking because Ro-Bio now seems to be acceptable.

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I’ll clarify a bit, considering i’m the one who stated that Robot editions was being deleted,
it’s half-true, the deletion did not happen, but i’m confident that this game was banned at least once.

Nonetheless, i don’t think Bot editions are a actual issue, it was probably included in the whole pack in blacklisting this specific game copy because all other design approach was similar (if not the exact same)

As long the gameplay is driven away from Ro-bio, you shouldn’t encounter a game closure.


As that may be true, I can’t find anything saying it is. Could you try and provide what you’re thinking of? Also the current Robot Version has been up since 9/24/2018; with no prior moderation on any accounts involved to my knowledge.

Yeah, I agree with bots being ok especially when some SCP games can practice on actual players and not just bots or “humans”. I’ve also noticed the largest “human” version has been up since 4/14/2020 and also appears to have no moderation against it.

Overall, I think Roblox has warmed up to the idea. But I’m trying to be as safe as possible, thanks for your feedback.

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No, i do not own any evidence, and there’s probably none, it was a common case to see a bio’s deletion so i don’t think Ro-Chanics ever had a community to cover up the temporary disturbance.