Most audio is not loading in-game (Failed to load sound rbxassetid://..., Unable to download sound data)

Getting this error (Failed to load sound rbxassetid://…) for most audios in this game:

Getting a 400 error on loading catalog pages for the audio ids


Yes, that happened to me as well, it doesn’t even let me check my audio library, roblox will fix this soon i guess.

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Are you sure some of the audios used weren’t copyrighted by roblox? This tends to happen when sounds are blocked.

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You can’t access audios from the site either. In your inventory, it’ll look empty, and via the library, if you try to access anything it takes you to a broken page. Ids in Studio/game will give the Failed to load error.

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This is happening to me in my games (which contain an original soundtrack). I’m also getting this 400 error whenever I try to open a sound from the library page.

(Edit: post above beat me to this so ill just say yes i can confirm im also experiencing this issue)

Additional information that may or may not be related: In some games I am unable to reset when the reset button is not disabled. I am also seeing particles behaving strangely, much larger than they are supposed to be. In my own game, translations seem to be failing and showing my default text instead of the expected language.

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Some decals/animations get the same error too

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We’re aware of the problem and working on it.


I checked in with the team for an update and it should be resolved as of 2:45PM PT yesterday. Apologies for the delayed confirmation. Thank you for reporting!


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