Most Effective Team Size

The question of this post is: What team size leads to the best end product?

I want to weigh in the pros and the cons of both ends of the argument, then invite discussion to see what my fellow developers think.

Small Developer Team

For context, I classify a “small” developer team as a team of three or less people.


  • Easy coordination
  • Lesser spread out revenue share


  • Less pure workforce
  • Harder to cover all areas (UI, SFX, modeling, programming, GFX, etc)

Examples of success:

  • Jailbreak (Badimo)
  • Adopt Me (DreamCraft used to be, but it seems now they have more developers? Correct me if I’m wrong)

Medium Developer Team

I consider a medium sized team a team sized anywhere from four people to eight people.


  • Tends to be more professional
  • Relatively easy to cover the majority of positions
  • Lots of brainpower to solve problems and design the game


  • Rather spread out revenue share
  • Coordination could be rough although with the higher professionalism that I’ve seen it could be counteracted

Examples of success:

  • Tower Defense Simulator (Paradoxum Games) This is one of my favorite games.

Large Developer Team

I consider a large developer team a team with over 9 members.


  • LARGE workforce. Can get stuff done and shipped to the game quickly.
  • Very professional environment. Resembles corporate environment in some ways.
  • All areas can be covered by more then one person, sometimes even setup in departments (modeling department, scripting department, etc)


  • Massive revenue share spread. Could be countered by the high chance of success and lot of revenue made though.
  • Coordination could be an absolute mess if not done correctly.

Examples of Success

  • All the ROLVe games
  • Vesteria
  • All the RedManta games

I would love to add to this post with more pros and cons that are presented in the comments. Do you think I was wrong with some of the pros or cons? What do you think is the most effective team size and why? I want to hear all of your opinions.

Thank you for reading!

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