Most efficient way to sponsor?

Hello, I have about 8k Robux budgeted that I plan on using to sponsor my game. I was wondering if it would be better to divide up my Robux by 8 days and spend 1k a day, or would it be better to spend it all at once and do 8k on a single day? Or does it not really matter?



It will be better spending 1000 Robux everyday, so different users will be able to see your game. But if you want to spend 8000 Robux in one day, the chance that different users will be able to see your game will be small.


Why would it make a difference in the amount of different people if I divide it up? Are there that many people who would come across it twice or more in a single day?

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Because most of the Roblox users are kids, and they can miss your ad if it will only be running for one day (due to school). And also yes, more Robux you spent - more frequently the same amount of users will see the ad.


Agree with the above. It’s all about having a larger variety of people seeing your ad. Additionally, if you can sponsor the game around the Friday/Saturday/Sunday time, you’ll probably get a higher CTR (click-through-rate), which is how many times the people who see your sponsorship click it. This is because more people will be online throughout the day.

Let me know if you have any more questions about advertising/sponsoring and I’ll do my best to answer them. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I was always confused about the Friday-Sunday thing though. Because that’s the advice that I always see so I feel like that’s when everyone else does it, which would make my sponsor appear less. Or do that many more people play during the weekend so that you still get a high CTR even with the extra ads that appear on the weekend?

Also, this is the icon that I am using for my game, do you think that this will get people’s attention? My friend made it for me, and I think it looks great, but I haven’t gotten any other opinions on it yet.

Edit: Also this is my plan, if I go with the weekend, would 2750 a day be a good amount to do each on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?



I’m honestly not entirely sure. I haven’t done advertising through Roblox in a while, but in my experimentation on some real-world third party social media apps (not sure if I can say their names or not), you’ll still get higher engagement regardless just because of the sheer increase in the number of people online. Honestly, if you have the funds, I’d do some experimentation. But, if you’re not sure, stick to the weekends. It’s not worth the trouble of trying to figure out how to make the weekdays work.

That’s actually such a funny and cool icon. I’d make the name bigger if possible, maybe moving the other graphics down to as close to the lower third of the page as possible. Regardless, it seems pretty unique. However, it’s also a pretty similar art style as many icons on Roblox, so it might just be looked over as a glance.

Again, not entirely sure how ads on Roblox are working as of late, but personally I’d go with 2k on Friday and 3k on Sat/Sun each. Although Fridays have higher engagement, they’re likely not nearly as high as the actual weekend. Just my opinion, though.

Edit: Advertising is not an exact science. The best way to learn what works best for you and your games/ads is to experiment.


What I’ve found to be an essential tool for advertising is calculating the outcome of your advertisement strategy and finding what ads are superior. @TheAmazeman made a detailed calculator here for exactly that. I’d definitely recommend giving it a read.


I find that the most efficient way is to spread out to be split up every day instead of one day so you can build a community

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You want your game to be noticed, so smaller sponsorships would be the go for me since it slowly builds up your game and determines whether you make a profit. Once you’ve made a profit, slowly increase your spending. As others have said, weekends provide bonus profit. Keep experimenting :+1:

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I don’t know how To advertise a game, but I can sponsor one