Motion Blur Help

Does anyone know how to put motion blur into your game? It’s a very cool effect that I would be obliged to play around with if anyone knows how to do this please tell me. :upside_down_face:
I’ve been searching for a while now, but I only seemed to find it for your Roblox character, and not a whole server.


Are you talking about BlurEffect? If so, go to Lighting and insert ‘BlurEffect’.

He means when you move your character at a certain speed it makes your camera go blurry.

Yes that’s what I’m trying to figure out, by the way i’m a she xp. :sweat_smile:

I called it a dymanic blur, but I made a tutorial on it along with other camera effects. It’s essentially using the dot product to compare the previous look vector of the HRP with the current one. Scroll down to dymanic blur, but it’s better if you read everything!

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An error? I’m doing it wrong, could you help.

Hey I know I’m late but on the line

"elseif dot < degreesToDot() then

Recognizing the issue, You did not additionally have an if statement before that. (Making the elseif use rendering quite useless.) , You can typically identify the error if it’s underlined red. (Or simply check output)

I suggest making it a normal if statement more possibly.

(If you fixed this issue already then maybe you can take this into recognition :slight_smile: )