Motion Tracker Tool

DEMO (testing finished for now)

I’m making a game that utilizes a handheld motion tracker to look out for other players you’d want to avoid. Whenever it automatically refreshes (in the full game it won’t need to refresh), it collects a table of the players and creates a blip for every player in the game. These blips are visible in a limited range of 50 studs, within 180 degrees of the player’s front face, also confined to a circular map. And before anyone asks, yes, it’s inspired by the Alien universe’s motion trackers.

Currently it works as it should, and there aren’t any bugs that me or my initial testers have discovered. If you’re interested, please help me test it out and make suggestions for the programming and design.

Also, for some reason, this game causes me to get the infamous “Client Kills Wi-Fi” bug a lot more often. When I was testing I got the bug every 3 to 5 minutes, so i’ll be experimenting in this place to find out what in the client has been causing my wi-fi to drop.

Will change:

  • Display radius from 50 to 100
  • Add more effects and functions to the device
  • Write FE compatibility
  • Update HUD design

I’d bet money FE will fix your Internet breaking bug