Motor6D Orientation Editor - Edit and get Motor6D C0s

As a scripter I sometimes need to deal with animations. In particular sometimes I need to edit the C0 of a motor6D but don’t know exactly which CFrame I need in order to get the desired result.

Not finding any tools to help me achieve this I created my own. This plugin is mainly useful for scripters looking for a specifc offset on Motor6Ds.

Hence, I introduce Weld Orientation Editor!


  • Edit joints’ position (selecting multiple joints allowed)
    Editing Joints
  • Test edited joints by playing the animation given the animation ID.
    Testing the edited joints
  • Export the desired CFrame offset as Vector3s so it is scripter friendly.
    Exporting the Motor6D C0 CFrames
  • Smart Rig Edit. The Editor will save the current rig progress and start editing a new rig.
    Smart Rig Edit
  • Smart Error output. The Editor will tell the user what changes need to be done in order to use the Editor properly. Smart errors include: catching rigs with the same name, models that have no motor6Ds, selected objects that aren’t a model, motor6Ds with nil properties, and motor6Ds within the same rig that have the same name
    Smart Error Output


Important Info:

  • In order to test the edited joints you must be in play mode in studio whether it be Run or any others. This is required to play the animation from the given ID. You are still able to edit the joints if you are not in play mode.
  • You must save before you export the desired CFrame offsets
  • You CAN NOT export the Motor6D offsets in play mode. This is because the data will be wiped from the play mode’s Server Storage when play mode has ended. The editor will not allow you to export and will prompt you to end the session where you can then export the desired CFrame offsets.

Future Implementations:

  • Using handles to allow users to change the distance they would like to change the joint positions.
  • Add editing Motor6D rotations.
  • Add a reset rig function to allow users to reset any unwanted changes.
  • Allowing animations to be played without having to be in a play session.
  • Implementing the ChangeHistoryService to safely allow undoing. Currently undoing might cause unwanted behavior
  • Editing a joint will edit the joints under the joint’s hierarchy

If you find any bugs, please send me a message!


You didn’t link the plugin.

For future reference

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Thank you for the reply. I accidently posted without finishing it! :sweat_smile:

Is there any chance yo are able add a video on the plugin to show what it has to offer?

I will be making a video showcasing the plugin soon.

I have just now uploaded a showcase. You can understand more about the use case and what the plugin has to offer by watching.