Motor6D Position Issue

I’m having a problem with Motor6D’s, It’ll be difficult to explain.

I’m trying to make a custom dinosaur rig,
but when I’m trying to change the Part0 of a Motor6D, the Part1 gets repositioned.
I made a quick example, the gray part will be the torso and the brown part will be the right leg:

So the right leg is welded to the torso, but I want to set the Part0 of the joint to the HumanoidRootPart.
When I do so, it gets repositioned:

Any ideas?
Help would be appreciated,

I’d recommend using a rig editor plugin, this is the one I use when ever I try rigging stuff:

Hope it helps.

The custom rig I’m having a problem with is already rigged.

It sounds like you need to offset a Motor6D’s position, you can do that using the rig editor. You can select the joint you want to modify and then move it around.

If you make Motor6Ds (or change its parts) without using the plugin, this behavior is meant to happen. Motor6Ds, like any weld really, position the parts relative to each other, so an offset is needed to negate that.


Is it possible to do it with a script?

That’s why plugins are nice, they modify it using code, but with an interface so it’s easy for you to interact with it.