Motor6D Tool animation seems broken on client perspective

I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else too but the problem is kinda confusing and seems like it just started happening recently.

I made a Motor6D tool and whenever it is equipped the equipping and tool idling animation will be played. The problem is that the Motor6D part thingy doesn’t seem to appear in the right position whenever it is equipped by someone else on my screen but appears in the right position for their screen.

And the weirdest part is that touching the other player’s character seem to fix the positioning issue.

Almost forgot to provide the code, but this is also happening to the other code that I wrote.

local Tool = script.Parent
local AllModel = {}

local a, b

local function AttachMotor(GetModel, Part0)
	local Model = GetModel:Clone()
	local Motor6D ="Motor6D")
	Motor6D.Part1 = Model.BasePart
	Motor6D.Part0 = Part0
	Motor6D.Parent = Tool.Parent["Left Arm"]
	Model.Parent = Tool
	table.insert(AllModel, Model)
	table.insert(AllModel, Motor6D)

		Tool.Parent["Right Arm"]
	a = Tool.Parent.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Tool.Animation.Idle) a:Play()
	b = Tool.Parent.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(Tool.Animation.Equip) b:Play()

	for _,Model in pairs(AllModel) do
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I’ve also tried using Animator:LoadAnimation since Humanoid:LoadAnimation is depreciated but the problem still persist.

Hi, thanks for responding but your solution seems to make the part positioned itself far away from the character. I think the issue itself is more like a visualiser problem? Because whenever I touch the other player’s character the part just position itself to the correct position.

The problem still persist even to this day. I’m not sure anymore if it’s a roblox problem or it’s me being dumb dumb.


Im having the exact same issue

Ive found a fix to it. Check the response on this post


Same here I also found a way to fixed it lol. I applied the motor6d when the character has been loaded in and it seems to fixed the issue! Anyhow thank you for the response!