Mouse Cursor Disappears When Moving To Titlebar In Windows 10

Recently, I found a bug that involves moving your cursor to the top of the screen where the Minimize, Maximize, and Close Buttons are, and your mouse suddenly becoming invisible.

This is a bug I have not noticed before, but it is kind of inconvient when you’re attempting to snap the window to a portion of the screen, or when you’re trying to close it.

Screenshot of this bug [ note how the X is red, indicating I have my mouse over it. ]

The ingame cursor also stays wherever your cursor was in-game.

Current behavior:

Expected behavior:

I should also note this only happens with the Roblox Client. Studio and every other program on my computer does not have this problem.


Can reproduce this, and it’s a bit annoying, as I’m not sure where my cursor is while navigating over the title bar. Certainly hope this gets fixed soon. :smiley:


Reproduced. Here’s a gif.


Hoping @Roblox sees this.

It’s an issue that still persists.

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Can confirm, still happens for me too.


This is still happening. Any staff response to this?

I can no longer reproduce this. It appears fixed for me.

Still not fixed.
Repro Steps:

  1. Open a roblox game
  2. Go to another application, even accidentely
  3. You’ll have to re-join the game.

Might this be system-specific? I do not have this issue at all.

Although, for me the X does not stay red like other applications, it flickers red and goes back to its grey color, which does not occur in studio.

It happened, on my old version and now the latest update.
Device specific?

Same here, my mouse just freezes and I have to do ALT + F4 and rejoin the game to play again. When my mouse freezed, I cannot zoom in and zoom out anymore and cannot move the camera and mouse.

Windows 10, tell me if more details needed.

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