I don’t believe there is currently a way to detect when a player clicks in the scroll wheel or not but if there is a way please do inform me.

Although the applications may be limited, many games could possibly take advantage of a player clicking the mouse’s scroll wheel. Shooter games would have one less key on the keyboard that is awkward for the player to use, building games would be made simpler with more options for the mouse, fighting games could be improved by using the scroll wheel as a lung instead of a double-click, etc. The applications may be limited but there’s potential. It also just makes sense that this exists as there are WheelForward and WheelBackward events. The only issue that I could think of is that people with trackpads, touch devices or only two buttons on the mouse won’t have this available.

Edit: I found out MouseButton3 was a UserInputType but I still believe that it should be simpler to use as just an event much like mouse.Button1/2Down/Up

Note that not all mouses have a clickable scroll wheel or a scroll wheel at all, and I think there are some platforms that don’t even register third mouse button clicking, so you would still have to code alternatives into your game for those players.

I think for that reason it does not deserve its own event, you should just use UserInputService to catch those actions.

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I am pretty sure they’re deprecating mouse anyway, no point in adding mouse 3 to it.

Trackpad users also don’t have mouse3. Really its only use is if you have a custom keybind menu and you allow the user to bind an action to it.