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Working with @TheFantasticLad was a pleasure, he has gone out-of-the-box for us and tweened and corrected our UI to fit our needs. He was extremely quick with the delivery and ensured that we are satisfied with the quality delivered. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a perfect UI for their needs. @TheFantasticLad is really kind and he will do anything to ensure that you are really satisfied with your product, he is also very professional and experienced :smiley:. It was a pleasure to be working with him :slight_smile:


Sent you a friend request! Strangertingz#1777


Hello I would like to hire you for a UI job, my discord is rowg_leader, I sent a request.


Vouch, one of the best UI designers i have ever met! My Pleasure working with you.


Felt good having @TheFantasticLad make some UI for me, he’s a super nice guy and he really takes the time to get your ideas and feedback on the work. Vouch.


It was amazing working with @ZeFantastic He has surpassed my expectations. He kept in communication, gave updates, and would change/update things to our needs. Looking forward to working with you again!

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Working with Fantastic has been GREAT! He’s the best of the best, Fantastic is an amazing person, one of the best I’ve met, the service is just the best service you will encounter, I recommend Fantastic for any art commissions you need!!

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