Movement tolerance property for Trail effect

As a Roblox developer I’d like to restrain a Trail effect so it doesn’t react until the attachments it’s linked to don’t move fast enough. It’s currently too hard to do, as you’d have to switch the trail on and off based on it’s “velocity” through a script that I personally wouldn’t know how to write. I think it would be appropriate if there was a property under the Trail effect that we could use to adjust such tolerance to movements.

Few common use cases could be:

  • planes (air condensation behind the wings)
  • swords (slash trails)
  • projectiles

Please share your own ideas of how else this feature could be used!

If Roblox was able to add this functionality, it would allow for more customization of Trail effects, thus allowing to create a more immersive game experience.


Usually animated characters or objects have some kind of idle animation, where they move slightly all the time. If I’m also using trails on these characters or objects, the trails will produce effects during idle animations that look unattractive. It would be useful if I could prevent trails from trailing during periods where there is a very low amount of movement.

A case where I’d use trails on a character may be for a character that’s always carrying a blade and may move it around through either action animations or idle animations. It would be highly inconvenient for me to manually plan out and manage trail activity during or between numerous animations for numerous characters.


Great example!
Thank you for providing a visual illustration.

I also tried to keep the trail unseen during the idle animation by lowering it’s LifeTime to it’s minimal value, but even that didn’t help much.