MoveTo is not working, neither is pathfinding

I am trying to move a character to a certain position. At first I used pathfinding but there would always be no path. So I decided to see if moveto would even work with the characters humanoid and that did not event work!
Here is my script:


The output does print test5 and there are no errors.
Here is an image:

Edit: CurrentStage is a variable equal to a model in the workspace.

Hi @henberrysodapop
Now I have encountered the same issues. My pathfinding service didn’t work, and specific to the “ComputeAsync” function which is used to calculate the waypoints.

Did you find any solutions yet?

No, I tried on a different game and it did not work, I printed the path status and it said “NoPath” so there is no error. But once move to stopped working I decided to go to the developer forum.

I made a post too, I will let you know when I get any helps.

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