Moving Camera Around Map with Play Button/Title

If you have ever played the game World of Magic, when you join the game it has a camera moving around the map and the title on the screen with the play button. When you click play you spawn. I know you are supposed to have a pre-written script but I have no idea what to do. How would I do this?

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I like to use CutsceneService - Smooth cutscenes using Bézier curves for my loadingscreens/cutscenes. You should take a look at CutsceneService for sure. And once the plr clicks on the play button, Set visible to false and stop the animation of the camera.

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The method i know is:

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera
local button =

local buttonpressed = false

repeat wait
cam.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable -- i think it was camera type
until buttonpressed == true

for the moving part use tween service

tweenservice:Create(number, tweeninfo, {CFrame = cframe}
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But if I place those scripts it won’t do anything yet. What would I use for the cutscenes cameras??

You should better read the documentation from CutsceneService

In the link i’ve sent there is an explanation/guides how it works. Play around with it.

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Well that shows when they are already spawned in. I want it so when you join the camera is already moving around and when you click play then your character spawns in.

Here is my GUI. I just need it so you have this and the background is a camera moving around the map slowely.

Im not on studio atm, But i can tell you how to make it if you do some research. Use Players.CharacterAutoLoads to disable the character from loading in and set it to True if you want the character to be loaded in.

Another way you can work with this is to Teleport the character somewhere else in the map, and once the plr clicked on the play button it gets teleported back at spawn.

  1. Play the animation of the camera with CutSceneService on plr join.
  2. Use one of these two examples i gave above.
  3. Once the plr click on the play button either load in the character or teleport the humanoidRootPart to the spawn.
  4. Stop the animation.
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Where would I put the CharacterAutoLoads script?

I might change it so when you click a button it moves to another camera view. But How would I make it so when they click play they spawn in?