Moving weld part

Hello, is there a way to make a welded part tween move?If yes can you help me Please?


I need that for doing one side resizing.

you should follow the format before posting. People would ask for a video of the problem, or the code, etc.

This not a category just to get someone to code the whole thing for you. You have to have something to show us like a code or some type of evidence of a script or a video that you have. If you need help go to the developer hub its really useful source on scripting.


Using Tweens won’t work. You’ll have to use some sort of loop to get it to move.

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Your problem is vague and uninformative, just make sure only the part your tweeting is anchored, and everything else is not and you should be fine.

I think you tried to say u will be redoing parts, if so re-create the welds as I believe welds are broken when connected parts are resized (although this is only from using welds in studio edit mode so do confirm)

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To move a welded part, you can move the C0 of the weld. For example, PartA.Weld.C0 = PartA.Weld.C0*,0,0). This example adds shifts the weld’s CFrame by one stud on the x-axis.

AxisAngle wrote an incredible article about Cframes. It’s worth a look or two.


Ahahah let someone get the entire code it’s the last thing i want to do, lemme send the image.
Of the code.

So, i need to put something that moves the CFrame of that welded RightArm and another part that i created called LeftArm, how to setup a weld in a neutral position too?

Ugh, i tried fix it with this code,(weld.C0 = weld.P1.CFrame) and the inverse, is it right?

Here’s the result:


Okay, you all know the Welds properties, right? If not, I recommend you watch them. You can also get the CFrame from an already fused part, you have to do that:

local TweenService = game:GetService("TweenService")
local Weld = YourWeld
local Part0
local Part1
local Tween0
local Tween1

    if not Part0 == nil then
        Part0 = Weld.Part0
        Tween0 = TweenService:Create(
            {CFrame = CFrame,new(50,50,50)}

    if not Part1 == nil then
        Part1 = Weld.Part1

        Tween1 = TweenService:Create(
            {CFrame = CFrame,new(45,50,45)}

So, basically, this moves parts tweening?
It won’t work, I already tried that simple cframe, I need to set C0 or C1

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I hope it, try it out. And see if this work.

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I already tried simple cframes it won’t work, just C0 C1 will work.

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Then why not delete the Weld, tween and then rewelding the originaly welded Parts?

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I need them to tween. So while tweening they would fall.

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That worked, tweening C0, but look the unexpected result…

@jcnruad900, then why not delete the Weld, Anchor the Weldeds Parts else they will be fall , tween, Redisanchor the Parts and then rewelding the originaly welded Parts?

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Here’s the biggest problem I cannot anchor them because they have to move with player.

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But that system worked, look the GIF, i just want knowhow to let that go linear and not randomly.

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