MrBoogle Scripter

I am currently available for work as of 7/25/20

About Me

Hello! I’ve been scripting on ROBLOX for around three and a half years now, but I’ve been coding my whole life. I’ve been playing on ROBLOX for around seven years so I have a pretty good idea of what people like and what they don’t. I can create gameplay mechanics and a lot of advanced scripts.


Here are some examples of my work

Rope Swing Mechanic


Voxel World Generation


Audio Visualization

Why Boogles Audio Visulization is the best roblox game - YouTube

Teleportation Effect

Teleportation Effect Video

Custom Name Tags With Group Rank Support


Basic Gamepass Shop GUI

Not my icons, I can’t make you any or give you any

Here is some pictures of code no one cares about

Teleportation Effect

Teleportation Effect Video

Here is some projects I have finished for customers
Used in this game

Some open source stuff

I’ve decided to make my audio visualizer open source, as no one plays it and I don’t really care.
Game Link


I am available for 30-40 hours of work on the weekdays.


I accept USD (PayPal) or Robux, prices are decided upon depending on your budget, and the size of the project.


Honestly, feel free to contact me even if you’re unsure about your project, I am always willing to do low prices if your budget is low, I have a lot of free time on me so I’m likely to take your offer.
You can contact me on Discord: Boogle#4509
Or by email:


This should be under portfolios-have a nice day :slight_smile:

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yea im the gfx artist you hired a while ago and also gotta say u got the wrong cata dude

I know, I tried deleting but it wont let me ;-;

Hey I love your work but sadly I can only do full time and percents sadly. But if I could I would hire you

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Hello there - I own a US Military with over 400,000 members and was wondering if you’re up for the task.

We need a gun system and have everything you would need for it to be made. Do you do raycasting?

Please look over this, it may or may not be challenging.

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