Multiple Camera Rendering and "Surface Camera" class

Multiple Camera Rendering:

As of right now, creating new camera Instances (not sure if that is even possible, but I believe you can the class) Is useless as only a single camera can render the scene, multiple cameras should be able to render the scene at once, the camera class should have a “ViewPortSize” property that determines how much space its projection will take on the screen.

This allows split-screen games, complex HUD displays such as a real time top-down mini map and much more.

Surface Camera:

There are some cool things you can see done in other game engines that you can’t achieve in ROBLOX, if you ever played a realistic first person shooter game such as Insurgency you would have noticed that there is a camera rendering as a texture on the scope of the firearm you are using, or in many games even a simple mirror that you can look into and see your reflection.

A class that inherits most properties from the camera class and also has similar properties to that of a SurfaceGui - a “SurfaceCamera” class would allow results similar to what was said in the previous statement.

Some SurfaceCamera Properties:

(Inherited camera properties that behave the same as regular cameras not mentioned here e.g FieldOfView)

vector2 : ViewPortSize : size of the viewport relative to the face surface
BasePart : Adornee : the part the surfacecamera is attached to
normalId : Face : the face that the Camera is rendered on
CFrame : CFrame : the CFrame of the Camera


This is probably resource and time extensive to implement, however allows many aesthetic possibilities if implemented, I believe a good example of an engine that integrates many of the features I have suggested in this thread is Unity 3D.


That’s a quite nice idea.

Btw, change your section to “Client Features”.

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Done, thanks for telling me!

yes please!
Finally, a good portal game could be created!

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I’m pretty sure Roblox has this feature internally, but it’s not fast enough to be done at 60 fps.
There’s an internal class called ThumbnailGenerator, which is responsible for rendering a game thumbnail for the website to use. In theory it might be possible for Roblox to add an API that lets Decals display a thumbnail render that was generated at runtime.


I’d bet my money on this not happening in at least 2 years.


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