Multiple Part and Model Scaling

I think it’s reasonable to select one at a time once you get used to it, because none of the other tools do that.

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I don’t know, we didn’t add any new functionality to parts or models to give them an aggregate scale, just modified the scaling tool itself.


Amazing :heart:

Awsome!! This is going to be amazing :smiley:

welp thats model resize plugin out the window


Literally one of the most useful updates in a while.

Model resize plugins are still more useful and flexible in my opinion. You can use percentages with the plugin too and can go to any size. Roblox’s new model scaling is limited to how small you can resize models (probably since bricks won’t go smaller than 0.05). Example:

I’m resizing the original version but as you can see it is nowhere near the preferred size for the final product. The normal sized gun for use is shown lastly selected. So, Roblox’s update is great for quick resizing but if you want full control, keep using the plugins.


dang u right

This is really helpful for models, but it’s really annoying for multiple selected parts. Over nearly 10 years I’ve gotten used to selecting 2 parts, resizing one until they line up but now that just resizes them both :/.


It’s something you’ll have to get used to for sure. But it’s the correct behavior for the tool.

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Up until now, I’ve been using plugins.

sniff sniff

Not that I have a problem with it, but I’d like to use the regular studio tools instead of switching back and forth between my tools and plugins tabs so I can get that one specific plugin to scale something down.


This is incredibly useful. No longer do I have to use a resize plugin.

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I selected 2 parts to resize, expecting them to just make the parts longer/shorter in the direction I picked. Feels a bit weird it actually scales everything down on all axises, but I guess that makes sense for models. Would be nice to have an option/keybind that if you (only?) select parts and resize them, it only affects one axis.


anyone else just resizing random models just for the sake of it?

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Heck yeah, I’ve been resizing my showcases and cars ect because it’s so fun and easy.

Could it not just have different behaviour for models versus multiple parts, or a toggle key? The move tool already does this in only allowing ctrl+l to toggle local space movements when you have 1 thing selected (i.e. 1 part or 1 model) versus multiple individual parts or multiple models.

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Woo hope! RIP Model Resize plugin! A script API for this would be amazing!


That’s awesome!

Exactly. The idea behind this is right, they might should have made a new tool for it.