Multiple Part and Model Scaling

Agreed, the command utility I use does not allow me to resize entire models live. However, the rest of its resize tools are extremely robust and allow for center based resize tools, and resizes for the individual parts within, base on axis.
I’m sure you are familiar with what I’m speaking of.
Personally, I can’t see myself without using plugins, regardless if Roblox were to implement all the functionality from this utility. Mainly because with legacy mode on this plugin, I can use Roblox’s move, rotate, and resize tools, at the same time as I use those commands on the utility. Having two tools open at the same time makes mapping extremely efficient.

Perhaps we could have a setting for this? It makes building very frustrating sometimes.


It would be nice if in addition to this update, there were a method added to models to scale them such as Model:Scale(n) where n is the factor that is used to resize the model


Great, now I don’t have to build small objects with the hit box throwing me off 24/7, anyone else had that kind of trouble? lol.

This seems useful! Great!

Loving it. :ok_hand:

I live with it…

Then you are magical.

Goodbye buggy/laggy model scale plugins! Thanks for the feature!

Really nice update!

On a side note, I noted that when resizing parts with ctrl after the update adds your increment * 2 to the part (effectively resizing it the same amount in two directions): is this intentional?



Resizing with Ctrl has been a feature for quite some time now. Not to mention if you use shift it effectively resizes the entire part in all directions to keep proper proportions of your part.

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Simply Alt + Clicking on a part you want to individually change is enough for me. The ability to exclude certain parts could be handy down the road. Other than that, a fantastic update indeed.

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I know - but before the update, holding ctrl would resize the part by one stud (or whatever increment you were using) around the center; now, it resizes by two studs around the center, which is the same as resizing one stud on each side.

I’ve been using this months before model resizing was shipped. Me and @the_zelda have used this for one of our maps in the past. So that is not something new. So yes, that would have to be intentional

Yay! I’ve been waiting for this! No need for those resizing plugins anymore!


Still stuck on my opinion that scaling multiple parts separately should be a thing. This update has continuously ruined workflow for me, and I’ve yet to use the tool to scale models. Still using my plugins. Yes, it’s the proper behavior for the tool, but I strongly suggest adding a toggle for scaling at the same time and separately. :disappointed: