Multiple shirts/pants at once (with layers)

As a Roblox developer (and general user), it is currently too hard to . . .

Use clothing to customize all parts of your character. Typically, players simply buy pants (with the torso transparent) and a matching shirt, and call it good enough. However, I find this a bit too limiting in character customization. Something I’ve recently fallen in love with is adding flames or tattoos to your arms, while using pants for your torso and legs. This essentially allows you to have any outfit with flames or tattoos, rather than relying on content creators to add this details to all of their shirts For example, look at these 4 outfits:

The one problem with this is that sometimes there are pants you really like, but the torso was left transparent. No big deal unless you’re using a shirt for tattoos. This essentially leaves nothing for your torso, and just looks weird. Other times, you might like the torso part for pants, but not the legs. It’d be nice if you could layer one pair of pants on the other, so you get the legs and torso parts combined. You might also want sleeves to go with tattoos/pants, or hair extensions with your current shirt. There are so many different possibilities available.

The solution for this might be an entirely new type of clothing created for just arms or just your torso, but I think it’d be more beneficial if the Shirts and Pants objects were updated so you could wear 2 to 3 at once. Then simply allow the avatar creation screen let you set which clothing should be displayed first, essentially allowing you to layer them on top of each other (i.e. tattoos displayed first then sleeves).

If Roblox is able to address your issue, how would it improve your game and/or your development experience? Please be as specific as possible.

Essentially character customization would become more detailed and give users more freedom is choosing their outfits. Furthermore, clothing designers wouldn’t have to upload 10 of the same things with just minor differences (and since players will be buying more items, they’d receive more funds as well).


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