Multiple versions of an accessory in the catalog [Under ONE accessory]

The catalog has been cluttered with multiple versions of the same accessory for a while now, the only difference in those accessories being a slight texture change or just the color. To reduce further clutter, a good method would to be to gather all of those accessories and just put them under ONE accessory.

An example of this would be online clothing stores, rather than putting the same shirt for sale multiple times, they just put that shirt into one listing but with an option to choose the color you would like to order.



This would save clothing store developers and uploaders thousands of hours trying to upload the accessory. Something like this would be amazing to have. In addition, we wouldn’t see so much bloat in the catalog like we have now.


This could be implemented much better by implementing multiple skins of one accessory (purchase an item once and change the colour/design all you like, instead of needing to buy seperate items)
As well as avoiding the bloat on the catalog, it would avoid bloat in the inventory/avatar page as well as saving people a lot of robux which could be spent on more stuff.
(That could then of course be further implemented onto classic clothing as well)

Sure there is the argument that creators may lose income from people only buying items once and not multiple times, but the counter argument would be other items of theirs would get purchased as well, or if it’s really that big of an issue they can simply raise the prices to fit their needs.


Or…, we could go with this approach:

  • Color reskins should be free.
  • Skins that have significant changes, could cost less than the actual item to purchase.

I have no idea why this has not been considered yet. As a player, it’s difficult to find the item you want with all of the bloats, and as a UGC creator, it’s too difficult to enter the market because of that.

The concept created by the OP is definitely a step in the right direction, but I want to one-up it by saying this should apply to ALL user-generated content, not just accessories. This includes classic clothing, future UGC faces, and even marketplace items such as models or plugins.

Each “style” or “version” could still have its own ID, URL, price, and description, but only the showcased item can be exposed on the discovery pages.

On top of that, it doesn’t make sense that Roblox uses its legacy method of item display. If they wanted to become the “metaverse”, shouldn’t they imitate other shops? For example, Amazon has one page for the showcase item that allows the user to select the “style” they want.

If this were implemented, it would be an improvement for players, developers, and Roblox. There is absolutely no reason not to consider this.