Music for my game Fantasia RPG (Part 2!)

I’ve composed quite a few more pieces for Fantasia since my last showcase. The style of the music is based on that of Old School Runescape. I really love the music in that game. Praise Ian Taylor.

Hope you guys enjoy the music. I have learned a lot about music since beginning work on composing for the game. And check out my game Fantasia! I have made nearly every asset used so far and coded the entire thing myself. Link to the game.

This isn’t a complete showcase of all the compositions of the game. Here’s my last showcase of compositions: link.


Speechless. I have no constructive feedback because I love them ALL! Great job and keep up the work.


These are lovely! Cannot wait for you to release this game!

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I forgot to plug the discord server in the original post. I welcome anyone to join and stay informed on the games progress. I regularly post new compositions and dev screenshots. And I’m pretty much always open to just chat and hang out too.

Hey these are pretty good (30 c…)