Music I composed for my RPG game

I saw the other post with game music and it made me feel like sharing mine. I am currently in the process of making an RPG game with a bit of an inspiration from Runescape (mostly musically.) I have composed five pieces so far for the game at this point and I’ve really had fun trying to learn the style of Ian Taylor. My goal for the game is for almost all of the assets to be made by me, so of course I had to write the music. I think my biggest weakness in the compositions is that I probably use the bVI and bII (aka Neapolitan) chords too often lol. They just make it sound so cool though. To be fair I’ve noticed Ian Taylor used the unusual v chord a lot (Newbie Melody, Book of Spells, Horizon, probably a lot more)




Twilight Forest:

The Order (updated the end):

NEW: Harvest Dance (for the Hurdy Gurdy!):

I hope you guys enjoy these pieces. I never really do showcases of stuff like this so I’m excited to hear feedback of any kind. Criticism is welcome. Also, if you’re interested in testing out the game so far, you can find it here: Fantasia: Ascend to Myth There isn’t too much content but most of the systems are finished and capable of supporting a lot of cool items and abilities.


I have to say it, if its for a RPG game, this thing is epic :slight_smile:


Hmm if you take a look at other examples like Zelda and even older one Secret of Mana you would see that you went more out of the box from those types (as Nintendo has a good sound design which is a strong point for their games). You can look at those games and see how you can connect to other rpg’s, then I would buy it if I had the money.

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Love the music, this would fit in very well. The music is very good and it does in fact make me think of Runescape haha. Great work! :smile::rocket:

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Very cool, I think my favourite has to be ‘Untitled’, it’s a nice calm piece of music.

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I composed that piece last night. It’s really been stuck in my head, it just has a cool driving feeling to it. Thanks

I’m confused what you mean, “then I would buy it if I had the money” What would you buy?


These compositions are actually well made, each song seems to fit with the description given to it. The Runescape feel to the first few songs gives a nice adventuring type of vibe and a lovely nostalgia trip to the listeners. A big well done.

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Thanks a lot for taking your time and listening through them. I appreciate it. And it makes me happy to hear it has a nostalgic effect; one of my goals with the music is to hopefully create a similar atmosphere for young people when they play my game. I have such good memories of playing Runescape when I was like 10. It was exciting and mysterious, and the music contributed to that feeling I think.

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It does, I couldn’t agree more. :shamrock:

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Great music. Really gives me that old pc game vibe. The sounds feel a little cheap tbh. Might wanna consider buying some better stuff. But if thats the vibe you’re going for then it sounds great. All in all great music. Real potential.
Here are some great free stuff that i personally use daily. (List of amazing and free VST’s.) (Great sounding free instruements) (Whatch this video by Andrew Huang for more)

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Wow these pieces are perfect for a RPG, I can already imagine this music playing in the background while playing a rpg game. Last one (Untitled one) is my fav. Good job you have a nice taste!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I chose to use these old midi instruments because they evoke a certain feeling and call back to the classic music of Runescape. It’s a conscious decision. I can agree that it’s a style that not everybody will agree on. But I generally enjoy the music better with the old sounds.

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It sounds great, thanks for the earworm. Anyways, it reminds me of Legends Of Zelda.


Wow the music is phenomenal, it sounds like music that you would find in a popular game, I really like the music!

And if you don’t mind sharing. What do you make your music with? If you don’t want to share I completely understand and its alright.

Once again this music is great, Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the compliments! I use MuseScore to compose my music. It works well for me because it uses sheet music notation, which is more intuitive than a keyboard for me. You kinda gotta develop some new/unorthodox methods to use that software to make this kind of music though. My background is in Classical Era music, so I studied composers like Mozart and Haydn a lot which meant I dealt with scores. For the soundfont, I found a Runescape soundfont on the internet somewhere. I don’t remember exactly where I found it though.

It’s great to see this much of a positive reaction to my music. Thank you guys. This is definitely gonna motivate me to continue.

If anyone has some suggestions for a theme/feeling to try to accomplish in some of my next few compositions let me know. I’ve mostly been thinking up a theme and then expanding upon it, without exactly knowing what the music is about. When I’m finished with the piece, I will reflect on what kind of feeling it evokes and then name it from what I come up with then. It would be interesting to work in the other direction.

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This music is next level! Thanks for sharing it dude!

Do you also design your own synths and pads, because this doesn’t sound like musescore midi at all.

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Thanks! I didn’t design any aspect of the soundfont itself. In MuseScore you can open the Synthesizer panel to change your soundfont. I’m just using a Old School Runescape soundfont from the internet. Though I think I might try to make some edits since I’ve had some small problems with the soundfont