Music Production with free loops, Is it a bad thing?

Hello, I’m a music producer and I like to make music for games and electric music and I’ve noticed in many Roblox games and many Music Producer’s portfolios that their songs contain Loops, whether from Garageband or another source.

Loops are free pre-recorded samples of music, commonly found in GarageBand and it means that basically, a person doesn’t make the song, instead, they use pre-recorded layers of music that is not their own but is freely accessible.

Now I was wondering as personally, I don’t use loops what people’s opinions are on this. Because many builders or commissioners for building don’t want free models as it is not there work and so the client would be unhappy with free models that anyone uses so I wonder if this applies for music.

Many great music producers here make music on their own but others don’t, and the use of loops can be conceived similar to that of free models and I was wondering on what people’s opinion is on this. As paying clients give people robux and/or money for work that may contain little to no originality, and I was wondering if this is considered okay among the community.


If the client likes the music in the end and you have the rights to the loops, so what?


Well it’s the fact that the client can make the exact same thing for free. Many music producers also feel that it’s unfair due to the fact that they get paid for something that is not their own work.

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Personally, I would not be happy paying a music artist if they were going to use loops they did not create themselves. If I’m paying for an original piece, it better be completely original. Obviously there are limits to this, it is fair to use samples for instruments, but I draw the line at loops. It is not reasonable to assume somebody will be happy with you creating something they’re paying for completely out of pieces you did not create yourself.

For your own projects however, go wild. You can use anything at your disposal if you so choose.


Personally, I would not be happy paying for something that is already made when I could easily make it myself. But like Kampfkarren said, if they’re okay with you using loops then I have no problem with it. Just make sure to let potential clients know and you’ll be fine.


Something like simple percussion that is not the focus of the song would be fine with me, but beyond that I like it when everything is original.


I find myself limited when using loops, which is why I do everything by hand. Whether it’s creating an arpeggiator pattern, or if it’s making my own drum loop (as I don’t play drums, but own a TR-808), it feels less cheep when you do everything yourself and definitely increases the quality of your music as you are capable of making these patterns fit your music better, rather than having to fit your music around a pre-recorded loop.

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When commissioning a music producer, I would expect all work to be their own, unless the producer and I had previously discussed the use of free loops. Owning the rights to the music in your game is vitally important, especially when your game is monetised. Ensuring the work is original can help to avoid complications later down the line.

For your personal projects however, feel free to use whatever you want!

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I can’t agree with you more.

If you do say that you use loops and the client is completely fine with that then is it really a problem?


I think its okay to use free loops :thinking:, but you as a music creator if you’re trying to be original as much as possible then you choose to make your own, at the end it depends on the client’s opinion on you using free loops in your work.