Music Shop (Cartoon Style) What Would You Pay?

Hi There So This Was A Build I Did For Someone and They gave me a price of 200 Robux but i ended up giving it to them for free. I wanna know what you would buy this for I am fairly new so I don’t know how pricing works I do know its mostly detail related

He Asked Me To Make a Cartoon Themed Music Shop For A Music Simulator If you Where Wondering

No Interior Only Exterior

Music Shop



To me this is worth around 250 robux, its nice. Good job!

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Worth between 200 - 400 :robux: :

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I would pay around 75-100 robux. Considering there’s no interior for this build, the price goes down a lot.


I personally think this can go for around 50-75 robux, all the windows are copy and pasted, there is no interior, but the music notes around them makes it look nicer. So like I said you should possibly sell this for about 50-75 robux.


You did a great job on this. I think it would be worth :robux:100 - 200.

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The roof colors are a bit plain, could use some extra detail. I would say 50-100.

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Thanks I Will ImProove The Roof More

Just seems over all too busy and lacking a common style or color theme so maybe 100-250 tops.


thanks a lot for responding do you mind giving me some sample images i can work off next time to improve

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Awesome thanks for the reply

when you said

can you give me like hints on what details i could add?

The cartoon style in games is probably my favorite style, but I’ll have to agree that :robux:200 is a fair deal.

You would massively increase quality by creating walls that are curved, basically just remove the blocky aspect from the build. An example being how your windows are not squares. After doing the previous suggestion, showing off the build with unrelated assets that follow the cartoon look like trees, bushes, and so forth would help your price a lot.

Just seeing the default sky behind and the ground that does not match the build style really ruins the look of the build.

[EDIT] Side note, you could probably do more with the SHOP sign. Having the words just hop up and down like a wave affect would be really nice, of course I realize you’re building, not scripting.

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I would say 150 :robux: for this, is looks pretty good.

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You could add some more details and the interior to make the price go up. I would personally pay 100 :robux: - 125 :robux:

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Just some advice to improve the price! I would personally say this is worth around 100-150 Robux. The windows seem kind of flat, and over used. There is no real feel of scale, since the windows are small, and all over the place.

What i would do is make bigger windows, add a strings of lighter blue at an angle in the corner to give the illusion of cartoon lighting, and probably use those bigger windows to create what would seem like two floors.

But as it stands, i still say around 100-150.
Good luck selling this

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mans callings so many good buildings from roblox sttuiodoo very bad and cheap XD that rude XD

10-20 at the most, the neon is blinding and it looks like its mostly free meshes and simple unions. I feel like the whole point of selling a model would be to have it as something that takes alot of skill or time to make and frankly this is neither, If you did like a building pack maybe you could get more but a single simple building like this with no interior? Not really worth it