Music Voting System

I am going back through all my old scripts that iv made over the years and will be releasing all the things that I will no longer user. I will update them if they absolutely need it to make sure they work. Today I am releasing a music voting system that I made in 2016-ish.

The script is simple > in the server script at the top you will see blue highlighted numbers. These are music id’s you can copy id’s and replace them there. If you need more spots all you do is add a comma and put the id there.

The script will display 3 options out of all the song ids randomly and whichever one is most voted will be the played song > if its a tie it’ll just pick one. Everyone in the server gets to vote, but the voting only lasts a few seconds. If no one votes it’ll just pick one of the 3 options.

No need to give credit or anything like that, hopefully you find use out of this because right now its just sitting in my labyrinth of scripts.
ps. Upon joining server it waits 10 seconds before starting the first vote.(only if the servers fresh, this doesn’t happen every time someone joins.)

Music Voting System - Roblox


It’s really cool! Really amazed to see something like this!

it’s great but keep in mind it blocks movement for mobile since it is in the bottom left corner

other then that great job :smiley:

Lol I apologize when I made this it was for pc only. Could always place the ui somewhere else as it doesn’t have to be stuck in that 1 position c: