Mute should never deactivate automatically

As a developer, currently I cannot use mute in Studio, full stop.
It is not implemented correctly; it is using the user-facing mute setting to control the background mute state when the window is not focused. This is completely wrong.

Right now, if I mute Studio and then if I click out into my browser to read documentation or check out a link from Discord, and then click back into the same single instance of Studio, it will unmute itself automatically.

I should not have to disable this setting for mute to work correctly.

The expected behavior is that if the user mutes a Studio instance, it will forever remain muted until the user unmutes it themselves.

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Thanks for submitting this feature request and sharing your use case. We’re looking into it further as a team.


The behavior of the mute button in Studio should now be fixed to respect losing/regaining focus. Please update Studio and try it out. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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