Muting specific users' status updates

As a Roblox user it is currently impossible to mute a user their status updates without unfriending them. When friending a user their status updates will always show on the designated feed.

I would find it very helpful if either;

  • Status updates only show if a user is followed and friended

  • Status updates can be toggled off on a per-user basis

Personally I find it somewhat bothersome if users post an update without any real relevant content that fills up the status feed and obscures potentially more interesting ones.

The only current solution to this is unfriending the person (at least as far as I am aware) which seems a tad harsh if all I dislike is the frequency of their status updates.


Yeesh, the whole feed system needs an update. I personally don’t even look at it anymore. Do people really put important stuff in their feed?

Making it more important could mean including things like the game updates suggestion in there and other stuff. I just don’t really find any use for it. I support this suggestion though and I don’t see why it shouldn’t be included.


You are definitely right, the whole feature could do with an overhaul. That would be quite a large feature request however, and not one I am sure how to shape. Perhaps it could have functionality similar to how Roblox developers tend to use twitter for promo codes and such.

You should only see statues of users if you are following them. However, as i reported in this topic Follower System Does not work for intended purpose, the follower system does not for actually following people’s status updates. Hopefully there is a fix on the feed for that, as i know lots of users currently use it, but are probably confused as to why their favorite devs or cool people they met in game and followed never post status updates.

That is quite odd indeed, it should really be the exact opposite; only see a status if following that particular user.