My account was disabled, Lego Copyright

My account just got disabled, because of a lego piece. I do understand a little bit why, but I did not have any lego logo’s on the piece.

Did I deserve to be disabled? Are there any ways to create lego pieces and not get disabled? This is my first time having an issue with copyright. If anyone has tips to get around copyright issues like this or share your own experience with copyright I would like to know.


There might be a lego logo on the lego piece which might trigger the warning. I think its because of the lego logo on the lego piece.


I recreated the lego piece without the logo on it. The shape is the only thing that looks like the original piece.

I can create an image if you like to see my lego piece? I have to recreate the part again, because it is removed.

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It’s quite difficult for us to help you without any images on the exact content you were moderated for.

You have to bypass their copyright in order to not get moderated.
There’s no solution to copyright, it’s quite self explanatory. The only thing you can do is change any logo or trademark of Lego and then re-try to upload it. Also I wouldn’t call the content you’re uploading anything containing “Lego” within it’s name as that is also trademarked.


I mean, the file name is Lego 3022_image.


So the reason why I got disabled is the title? That would make alot of sense…


I have recreated the lego piece.


As you can see. I did not put any lego logo’s on it.


So that means I can create every piece if I do not use lego in the name or logo’s on the piece?


Ehh, it was probably just an “auto filter” by roblox to ensure safety. This was probably a mistake, and I hope you get unbanned soon! (and it did say your account was locked until further moderation.)


I got back into my account. I only had to accept the terms of service again, but if this was a mistake then this scares me. I will remove lego in the name, so I do not have anything related to the lego name. I hope that will solve it.

I think this is odd though. This got passed without any issue.


I suggest completely removing the model for now and making it more like a classic roblox brick. Than, if your block gets removed AGAINNNNNN, than be like “but… Roblox, this is your brick!”

(pretty ironic how roblox copyrighted you for lego when the man package is nearly identical to the lego model :rofl:)


Oh, and maybe if you want something similar to lego, just make it loggo, or something similar as a ripoff. I can help make a logo! :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be really awesome! Maybe the lego name could be a mixture of roblox and lego like: Rogo? (If you know a better name that would be great :sweat_smile:)


You realize that copyright is more than just names of things, right? Lego holds a patent to their specific building blocks and you can’t recreate them virtually without permission. If you make this game it will most certainly result in a strike or a deleted game entirely.

Again, it’s worth repeating for everyone: Don’t copy, re-create, or use assets that aren’t yours or you don’t have permission to use.


If someone leaks/steals your assets, make them uncopylocked, will everyone that actually use the assets get a strike?

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I did some searching about law suits and if I could create a lego piece. It looks like I should be able to create my own bricks.

At least two of the largest clone manufacturers have been challenged in court by Lego. The lawsuits have been mostly unsuccessful, for courts have generally found the functional design of the basic brick to be a matter of patent rather than trademark law, and all relevant Lego patents have expired.

The Canadian company Mega Bloks was sued on the grounds that its use of the “studs and tubes” interlocking brick system was a violation of trademarks held by Lego. On November 17, 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld Mega Bloks’ right to continue selling the product in Canada.[8] A similar decision was reached by the European Union’s Court of First Instance on November 12, 2008, upholding an EU regulatory agency’s reversal of opinion following an objection by Mega Bloks against a trademark awarded to Lego in 1999.[9] On September 14, 2010, the European Court of Justice ruled that the 8-peg design of the original Lego brick “merely performs a technical function [and] cannot be registered as a trademark.”[10]

The English company Best-Lock Construction Toys sued Lego in German courts in 2004[11] and 2009.[12] The German Federal Court denied Lego trademark protection for the shape of its bricks in the latter case.

The patent for Lego bricks expired years ago apparently. I have read it on multiple sites, so it looks like it is valid. If people would like to dig deeper into this just in case, that would be great


More people in my opinion need to hear this. I will never understand what the obsession is to illegally recreate things just for profit. The simple idea of it just lacks integrity in so many ways. It’s as if some of these people lack the passion for game development so much so they are willing to steal people’s ideas just for profit…

@thomkok13 This is not intended as a personal attack or anything, but you should really consider doing some unique and creative. In my opinion, we have enough games on this platform that are copied from something and it just all doesn’t reflect well on our reputation in the world.


Even though it seems you removed anything ‘lego’ related, the block itself and its design is still patented under their company.

Regards to online copyright, to prevent this from happening here - do your own research before continuing. refer to this link:

Have a great day, and make sure to be safe and do your research!


Surely using a classic Roblox-style stud is acceptable? If that was an issue, studs wouldn’t be available anymore. I’d recommend removing the word “LEGO” from anything and try and find your own take on it.


Probably still you can get a warning for that Lego symbol too, Roblox arent smart enough smh.

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