My Aesthetic GFX

Hello! I recently made this and want to know if I could improve it.

I Denoised it I think


I like your GFX, a couple of things to point out here.

The laptop looks like it’s floating / placed there like a floating item would in a game (aka half inside of something)

There is also LOTS of noise, try adding de-noising.
Otherwise, nice job!
Edit: I see the de-noising now, nice job!


Maybe fix up some clipping or see some lighting adjustments. all I can say is this is just amazing.
9/10 Great on its own and I don’t think something could be added.


There isn’t much I would improve on, honestly. I especially like the bay window in the background. Keep it up!

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w.o.w. Only thing is, add a denoiser. :smile:


This GFX looks amazing! The building is well made, the lighting is nice, and its realistic but theres also some less amazing parts like the laptop going through the blanket
Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 3.46.24 PM
The pose being a bit odd and the outside looking much to realistic.
Overall 8/10 because you did a fantastic job of making this!
Keep doing your thing!


This is pretty great, but it appears too minimalist in some areas, such as the two alarm clock’s detail, and the laptop which doesn’t look fully finished

Turn Denoising on, there’s quite a lot of it.

Otherwise, great job! The lighting is fantastic!

Make the spot the computer is on flatter. The wall texture (wood part) looks a bit off (like when a texture gets cut off then on a part above it). Other than that, it looks fine! (De-noised version)

I love it, I get the idea but there’s a bit of noise going on there. Also the laptop looks funky… and two clocks?

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This looks very nice. Some suggestions would be to make the lighting orangish to match with the sunset. I would also suggest denoising and adding light to the hanging lights.

It looks overall pretty nice though it has a couple issues. The pillow doesn’t have much texture and has some shading issues. The laptop also looks pretty blocky and also would suggesting rotating it a bit and if you are using blender, use some cloth brushes to make that part so it looks like theres weight applied to it. (basically like there wouldn’t be like a flap floating with a laptop on top) The clock and plant is also duplicated and it looks a bit odd with 2 clocks and looks like you just duplicated a bunch of plants and didn’t spend much effort. The rope (I think which is what it is) is a bit blocky. I think anything else it’s pretty good. Oh and I would suggest denoising that a bit more since still has some noise which isn’t too noticeable but you can see it up close

The background is not fitting graphically to the GFX. Overall, the design is perfect & strait-laced.

You’re GFX looks amazing, the lighting is great and positioning, this GFX gives a great aesthetic, really good work keep it up!