My Build Not Showing Up

My build is not showing up and the transparency is set to 0

Is your build a union? Or is it just not showing up at all. Try rejoining studio if you haven’t already

I just updated it and it’s not showing up, and yes it is a union.

Unions have the ability to corrupt and disappear without the instance being removed from the game tree. Try saving the union into a .obj file and upload it as a mesh.

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It was showing up before I updated my studio I also tried un unioning it

There’s a good topic that explains how you can recover corrupted unions. You can read it here.


I dont like pasting random scripts into my browser.

The post was made by a trusted community sage. If the code was malicious or would cause harm the post would have been long gone.

True True yeah ok mine as well try it.

I got this pop up image

I have no idea where the java script console is.

When my unions corrupt i put this script in them

script.Parent.Transparency = 0
script.Parent.Transparency = 1
script.Parent.Transparency = 0

see if it works for you

Aight thank you do I have to test in studio

Apparently your union is corrupted. This is a known issue and it’s already been brought up several times consider using the search function before creating another similar thread, this tends to happen and it’s been reported before.

Since there’s really not a solution that can ‘fix’ this sort of issue, you could possibly use the tutorial linked above to recover your union. You’ll have to remake that part you wish to achieve or keep.

For the issue you’re experiencing the part is corrupted, I wouldn’t use a Union for something that simple. You can recreate this with just using a regular part rather than making it out of a union, if you’re making more parts out of unions try to minimize it; you’ll have to remake the part since that seems like a simple solution.