My Building/Modeling Portfolio

Hello guys and girls, I am F_0sc (Fosc), and this is my new official Portfolio! My old one’s are very outdated and have some older builds on it. This one will have much more builds and better one’s! I have been building for a few years. Anyway, i’ll start showing the buildings/models!

Medieval Builds

Realistic Builds

Naruto Builds


So the payment really depends on the build, Payments can be discussed in my discord dm
DISCORD: Fosc#4103

I can work like 2 hours a day on the build you requested, but it really depends on if i have other projects and if i am busy with school.

Contact me with discord which is: Fosc#4103 (Dms are closed, so you must friend me on discord to dm me.)


You seem very talented! I may need to hire you soon.

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Medieval-style builds look dope! Good luck with any future commissions you get!

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Pleasure doing business with you, looking forward to the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am interested in your commissions, they are lovely. Your discord does not seem to work?

Please leave yours so we can get in contact, or add mine:


Unable to add your Discord but interested in discussing some builds. Add me, rj.#0001