My cars are going to the random direction for no reason

As you can see, my car chassis is going to the right side of the road for no reason, while I am not pressing anything except for W key to go forward, then once the car is going to the right by itself I tried to prevent that by going left. What could be causing this issue? Is it because the chassis center mass might be off? Also please keep in mind that this isn’t A-Chassis, it’s my own chassis.

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This could be due to player mass shifting the weight of the car slightly causing the car to make some unexpected movements and creating uncertainty. It could be the center of mass being altered by the player. I would definitely experiment with this theory before ruling it out. My basis to this approach comes from this post here : Why is my car chassis, veering to the right, every time I accelerate?

The issue @x86_architecture details here seems similar to yours, and since your not using any premade chassis which I applaud you for that might be your issue. I would certainly look into this.

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I tried to set it massless, however it did not help. It does not always goes to the left though.

This could also be as a result of your wheels physical property and alignment I would have a look at that.

Wheels are using the following physical properties:, 1, 0.5, 1, 1)

The aligment of wheels is 100% accurate. They aren’t off.


However I am not sure about the chassis itself.

I would continue to play around with some of the physicalproperties of the things that are vital for the chassis to work correctly, and see if that does anything makes it worse / better.

I did mess with those and it still goes off. I tried many times before, with all physicalproperties. I never got into this issue before and this happens to all cars.

Could also be the speed of the steering which might create a skid if the wheels don’t return to normal orientation in time.

Just for those wondering, I was never able to fix this issue. So I really can’t help here ;-;. (Sorry)

Also, I’d actually recommend using a chassis with scripted physics rather than constraints. You’d have way more control over the physics and stuff, and your car won
t fly in the air when you hit a bump at high speeds, and your car won’t be affected other forces (Such as the wheels and the road). @Daw588

If you need any more help, let me know.

Roblox physics are the greatest :slight_smile:


Wheels are going back to 0, as soon as I stop turning, so turning isn’t the problem. Here is what I got for Massless.

  FL [false]
  rim [true]
  tire [true]
  RL [false]
  rim [true]
  tire [true]
  RR [false]
  rim [true]
  tire [true]
  FR [false]
  rim [true]
  tire [true]
   ▶ MeshPart [true] (x5)
  Lights [true]
   ▶ MeshPart [true] (x2)
  Lights [true]
   ▶ MeshPart [true] (x40)
   ▶ Seat [true] (x4)
   ▶ COLOR [true] (x10)
  MeshPart [true]
  Chassis [false]

Only physical wheels and chassis are set false for Massless.

I think as @x86_architecture is insinuating, many developers usually opt for a simulated vehicle physics system as it’s much more configurable and you don’t need to deal with the shortcomings associated with roblox physics. :confused:

Roblox physics always creates a puzzle

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Also, are your wheels aligned? Like, could you draw a perfectly straight line using a part from the front left wheel to the front right wheel?

Yes, of course. They are aligned.

Hmm. Are the custom physical properties of each wheel the same?

Yes of course, they have the same properties.

Hmm. If you could post a model of the car here, maybe we could figure out how to fix this issue?

I will dm you it, since I dont want people to use it.