My chat in my game is broken

Hello there has been a issue with my chatting service in my game, including other games!

I am not sure why, I haven’t seen a SINGLE error in output.

My friends game chat wouldn’t work either.?

The gui at top button works, but no frame appears.

Could this be because of roblox or a bug in the chatting system I made when I customized it (keep in mind I customized it like 3 or 4 days ago and it worked)

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Do Roblox Scripts put an error in the output if something doesn’t work? I honestly do not think so. Please let me know if it does.

Even customizing your chat shouldn’t make a problem. Can you show us the scripts related to chat?


Also, there is no virus in my game.

These are the default roblox chat modules that you edited. Weird how you don’t have your chat working.

I know? I think it’s just a bug, plus I got a error from HD admin in output. It says something like maybe chat is down because it was accessing chat and was getting a bug, I deleted hd admin though and see if that work, it didnt.

Is the chat the old or new type of chat from Roblox, or Admin? If it is from Roblox and your testing you the new chat, there are reports of bugs occurring in them. Maybe use the old one for now? If it’s the old chat, I have no clue how to fix it, same goes with the custom admin chat.

Edit - I also hope this helps:The Big Bubble Chat Rework

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That is not what I am using, I am currently using the old-ish one. Not the newest one though. I am using the old one. I think just chat is breaking in general though.

Make sure load default chat is enabled. It loads in the default chat modules and then anything inside chat will override.

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Where is load default chat? I have never seen that. Which script?

It’s a toggleable value of the Chat Instance.

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That fixed it! Thank you for telling me that or else I wouldn’t know

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