My client is verry slow

I’ve been experiencing verry slow input response with low FPS on certain games such as Arsenal and most of the time showcases that has a lot of part count.

I do not understand why this is happening because in the past I used to run these games and heavy part count showcases like a charm.
The thing is that when I try on my studio to reproduce this lag editing heavy part count showcases… it doesn’t slows slow or lag.

Here an example:!/store
I try to play this showcase and my input response time is about 1s to 2s with an everage of 9fps.

My first though was that client was running on integrated graphics but I’ve set the client in the NVidia control panel to use the GTX 1080.

I have a pretty good PC:
• MSI Z170A gaming pro carbon motherboard
• I76700k (not overclocked) CPU
• Geforce GTX 1080 GPU
• 16 gigs of RAM
• Roblox client is installed on an NVME SSD
• I also have 1Gb internet

I don’t know what to do, my last resort is to reinstal my windows, which I don’ want to yet. So if anyone knows whats up with this :heart: !



Does this occur in an empty baseplate? Chances are, the issue is with the game (thus, not being a bug)

EDIT: Also, please include a full micro profile (Shift + P with the microprofiler open) as it will show what is causing the hang.

That is not the issue, the very opposite. Please read the post before replying and advertising an unofficial (and frankly, unnecessary) product.

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I mostly get 60fps on every games that are “mobile friendly”, but once you get more advanced like Arsenal, phantom forces and showcases… my frames drops

The baseplate is smooth to play on.

Have you considered it just being your device slowing down? If its running smoothly on a baseplate but not on a first person shooter game then its common sense it may just be your device.

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I can possibly be, but I think its just software since other games like rainbow six siege, planetside 2, modern warfare runs smoothly at more than 144fps on ultra settings…

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Check the client logs in %localappdata%/Roblox/Logs for any errors regarding graphics. See how it varies if you run roblox from your integrated or dedicated graphics.

It runs on my 1080 as intended, I reinstaled the client and its a bit better with 30fps now on lowest settings.

Engineers cannot figure out the problem unless you provide the information very clearly stated as required in the bug report requirements.