My Concept for UGC

Hi everyone! This is one of my concepts to join UGC program. Can you tell me more about the UGC program please. I want to be there as soon as possible. You can also rate the work.


This is quite nice, but personally, i don’t think it really fits with blocky characters.

As far as I heard, you need to be in the Roblox Star Program in order to upload UGC. Correct me if I’m wrong, but to be in the star program you must have 10,000 subscribers in a YouTube channel

Overall, good job! It’s really good. I’d love to see this on the avatar shop someday.


I like the style of your hair! Seems quite unique I’d say. Recently people have been hearing back on the results from the last wave of UGC, so applications will probably open again soon!

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Very unique way of doing hair, I’ve never seen some like that before!
Though, I’d suggest shading the headband smooth since the flat look of it currently doesn’t fit with the hair.

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This looks pretty nice, I don’t think it fits that well on roblox though. Something’s off and I can’t quiet put my finger on it.

no, people outside the program can get in too

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Yeah, I know (and you do too) someone who got into the UGC program recently.

I believe the only main requirement is having Guilded (although there’s lots of other requirements).

Anyways, the requirements they put for the Star Program is inaccurate, if those were the requirements I could theoretically qualify lol. You need to have over 100K subscribers/followers and have roughly 20K views average per video/post.

Add texture to the hair and you’ll be good to go!

Very nice, it can go well with RTHRO even if I don’t really like this type of avatar.

I think the headband should have auto smooth enabled and should be in a brighter color. Other than that, looks great.

It looks really good! Except, to make it look even better, I recommend you turning on Shade Smooth in Blender! (assuming that you use Blender because literally everyone does)

You’re on the right track to getting into the program! I wish you luck!

I like this concept. It would look cool on those boxing avatars. I really hope you get into the UGC program, so don’t give up on that. By just seeing this, I can’t wait to see what else you have made :slightly_smiling_face: