My custom rig isn't working as a player

Hello. My rig isn’t working. Just kidding. Too short.

My rig isn’t working at all. However, i’ve set the avatar type to “R15” and it, however, dosen’t work at all. It also isn’t serving it’s purpose as a “player” for my fighting game. This is my rig if anybody needs it.
Baseplate.rbxl (168.6 KB)
Sword And Shield Idle.fbx (9.0 MB)

I need to use this for a game. I’ve tried everything i could do. This has happened with all of my other rigs i import, but on the marketplace, it says they are playable and… They are. So, i need to find out how to make my character playable. Thanks!

The rig is also from Mixamo.

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2 days later, i have gotten no help.
I removed the AnimationController and replaced it with a humanoid and adjusted my settings.

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