My dialouge frame is disporpotionate in phone

I tried already done several tests on my cell phone but in one day I went to test it and suddenly stayed that way

Never been like this before

The werid is that when the frame starts visíble the frame becomes normal nas when it starts visible it happens

I tried changing the aí size and position as well changed the script to game.starterGui.ScreanGui.Frame.Visible = false
CreateDialougeEvent:fireAllClients which makes the frame visible but to no avail I have no idea what it cano na here are the proprietes of each one

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Try adding UIAspectRatioConstraint


Use the scale in the UIs instead of offset.


Hey @Danielfornari90 , other parts of the frame of the UI is using the offset in Size so it doesn’t adjust by the size of the screen. You can change it in the sub-properties of Size as shown below:

First, set the Offset to 0 and then, set the Scale as big as you want.


You should also use @qwertyuiopasdfghhh 's method as well because it helps maintain the proper shape you want.

In the future, if you want to test the UI on any device without having to switch from another device to another you can always use this below.



This helps you switch from any device in seconds! You can change the device by clicking on the device type option menu on the top left and change the size on the top right.


Okay I will make it but the phone test in computar shows normally and in cell phone satays that way but thanks for the help all of you:)

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Oh, now I understand now! It’s a common bug that still occurs on phones. If it’s an bug then, I suggest reporting it to #bug-reports, if you can’t report it to #bug-reports then you could report it to the Bug Report Wizard.

You can learn more about Bug Report Wizard here.

Oh it could also beacause when it starts visíble it is normal but whem it starts invisível and them it is visíble it is like that