My First 2D Drawing Feedback


Please Give me FeedBack On My First 2D Drawing,Because i want to improve my drawing skills

No Background *OLD*

Adding Some Background

Thank You


Aww this is so cute!

I think that this is amazing for a first time drawing! I think you could add a bit of shading, that would really make it pop! What I like to do is draw a little sun where the light is coming from, then add shadows accordingly! You could also add a simple background!

Keep up the great work! :heartpulse:


thank you for the feeback❤️, I will try to learn to add shading, and of course I will try to improve my work.

Once again, thank you.


No problem! I think you have real potential!

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It looks nice, his smile looks a bit off… pretty sure its just the eyes or eyebrows but other than that amazing.

sorry to tell you that this post is 2 years old, i dont think they need feedback anymore…