My Second 2D Drawing Feedback

Please Give me FeedBack On My Second 2D Drawing,Because i want to improve my drawing skills


My First 2D Drawing Feedback Here

All Feedback And criticism Are Welcome

Thank You~


The mask looks very small and you can see pixels, make sure to export your image in 2048x2048 to get 4k resolution so you can’t notice pixels. the shadow ontop of the hat doesn’t look good and needs changing, the ball within the hat has a weird outline around it therefore would remove that or give the entire GFX a blur effect to get rid of that weird outline edge

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thank you very much for the criticism, because i have just started digital drawing for 2 days, and your criticism really helped me to further improve the quality of my images, thank you once again.

The whole thing just seems rushed, there is no detail, no color variation, no color theory, and I think what sold it as bad for me was solid colors.

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not the best, but its still decent. could use some improvement. overall, it looks pretty rushed

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I think the caption on the man could be taken off, apart from that 8/10

You could maybe change the size of the caption other than that I’d give it an 8/10 also.

@Diamond_Plus1 @oofblocks @mogyi421 @eb9h thank you very much for the criticism
i’ll try to improve my drawing skill in the future Thank you Once again.